Breaking Out Journal

This unique publication seeks to bring teachers, education academics, parents and students in Australia together to critically discuss contemporary issues in teaching and learning. In the present neoliberal context, the gap between academic research and the work and thinking of practicing teachers is an increasingly difficult one to bridge, likewise the gap between teachers and parents. In the context of the ongoing marginalisation of much critical and radical practice and research in teaching and learning Breaking Out seeks to provide a collective space to connect and strengthen currently isolated thinking and activity. Ideally this will contribute to the development of a stronger and better articulated critical, alternative, cross-sectoral voice in education.

An anonymous parent presents a tale of frustration, disempowerment and anger describing their attempts to engage in the struggle for locally-accessible public schooling for all kids and their families.Read more

Voluntourism has been a hot topic in the development sector for the last years. After a boom in people trying out “hands-on” experiences in “third world” countries, it seems that it is the sexiest option for young people to improve their student experience and achieve “world citizen” credentials. In this submission, more than...Read more

Professor Saltman from the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth explores the context that has led many people to be significantly concerned by President Donald Trump’s appointment of Betsy Devos as the United States Secretary of Education.Read more