This spoken word piece was prepared and performed as part of coursework for a Master of Teaching (Secondary) class in 2016. It reflects Ebony’s investigation into the emphasis on dialogue and consciousness-raising in the work of Brazilian educator Paulo Freire, and the implications for both her as a teacher and for her students as learners.Read more

The teacher neglects to write the learning intention on the board.

Instead, she shows an image on the screen and invites students to respond to the image. “Write about the ideas that come to you when you look at this image” she says. She has previously taught a few of these students and expects they will cope with such an open task.

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And it begins. The start to another school year and the predictable avalanche of someone else’s career aspirations being thrust upon us. The dot point. There it sits beside a claim on a resume masking the collective groans and the rolling eyes of its victims.

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