Stories from the field

I started reading Paulo Freire as an undergraduate student in Spain in the early nineties. At the time, a combination of Silvio Rodriguez and Rage Against the Machine filled the airwaves and our hearts. We, students of mathematics and physics for the most part, read Freire on Friday...Read more

Early career teachers are struggling and too often the system is failing them and their students. Whilst this article may not be the most uplifting one, it is a conversation we all need to have. To say the last two years as a teacher have had its ups and downs is an understatement. The ups in this rollercoaster ride were the actual teaching and the downs a result of the...Read more

FRETILIN’s literacy campaign influenced the mobilisation of nation-wide action towards decolonisation and liberation, initially from the Portuguese, and then the ongoing resistance to the brutal Indonesian occupation (1975-1999).Read more

An anonymous parent presents a tale of frustration, disempowerment and anger describing their attempts to engage in the struggle for locally-accessible public schooling for all kids and their families.Read more

Voluntourism has been a hot topic in the development sector for the last years. After a boom in people trying out “hands-on” experiences in “third world” countries, it seems that it is the sexiest option for young people to improve their student experience and achieve “world citizen” credentials. In this submission, more than...Read more

Australians are familiar with the idea of having a school zone. It is a culturally engrained idea in our education system and legislation enshrines the right of children to have a designated neighbourhood school. However, both the idea and the right are more contested than is often realised.

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Danielle Sandler spoke to Amelia King, an Aboriginal PhD scholar, about her experiences in, and views of, the education system.

"A lot of people think about the communities in remote areas when they're talking about Aboriginal experiences, and there can be a bit of an idea that those of us who aren't in remote areas aren't 'real' Aboriginal people, so I love that you decided to include an urban perspective."

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Designed by students, Teach the Teacher is a student-led professional learning program in which both teachers and students share views and plan school change. It is a practical approach to engaging a school community in discussions about education and life at school, around topics defined and led by students. It provides a space for dialogue between students, teachers and principals where they can explore issues, share ideas and plan change in a constructive and judgment free environment.

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As a teacher I’ve been very influenced by the work of Brazilian educator Paulo Freire, and his argument that any and all collaboration and action in education needs to be aimed at understanding the world in order to change it. In 2014 my family and I spent a year living in Chile, providing an opportunity to engage directly with the student movement there as a living example of Freire’s ideas about the connection between teaching, learning and social change.

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I withdrew my daughter from NAPLAN because the idea of making a diverse range of children sit down for a standardised test and expecting that the result would somehow symbolise something about the school or the students did not sit well with me.

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