The term “Renaissance Man” is used to describe a person with wide ranging skills, combining arts and sciences. But why is it that Renaissance artists, equipped with little more than sail cloth, quarried dirt, and cooking oils are revered as some of the greatest thinkers in history? Is it possible for contemporary students to become scientists, technologists, engineers and...Read more

Kate Habgood discusses the role of schools in teaching political literacy and some basic tools teachers can use to contextualise debate of contemporary issues.

"It is often mentioned that we have a problem with political apathy in Australia. Unfortunately, the role our schools and curricula have in this problem is rarely discussed."

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Welcome to the first issue of Breaking Out. A Journal of Schools, Community and Social Justice.

This journal is intended for everyone who thinks that education is not a market good to be bought, sold and traded, but rather a public good that enables agency, social justice and change. It is a journal for those who want to make a difference, but understand that our individual efforts are only as good as the collective action they are part of.

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